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Loring Wine Company Update


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Divergence is the result of our love for the new Spanish wines that have emerged in the past few years, particularly those from Bodegas El Nido in Jumilla. We wanted to see if we could produce something in a similar style here in California. Many of you took the plunge and tried our first effort, the 2008. So how does the 2009 Divergence compare to the 2008? I think the 2009 Divergence is closer in style to El Nido than our 2008. Big, bold, and just plain fun. Or to put it another way, if the two wines were movie directors, the 2008 would be David Lynch, and 2009 would be Quentin Tarantino. Both push the limits, but David Lynch seems a little farther out there than QT. At least to me. I know some of you are probably thinking they’re both crazy. Possibly. But then so are the wines. Crazy good! And completely outrageous.


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We decided to make Chardonnay to sell because it’s getting harder and harder to find the richer style Chardonnays that we prefer in the marketplace. It seems that stainless steel fermentation and non-ML Chardonnays are all the rage these days. Maybe I’m just not "hip"… but I like some buttery, toasty, oaky goodness in my Chardonnay. Not gobs and gobs of butter and oak, but enough to add texture and depth. We’re extremely excited about our 2010s!


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Yes, these are the same 3 wines we offered as futures back in April. Please note, these wines are available ONLY from us, either via the mailing list or at the tasting room. We’d saved some of each of the wines to pour in our tasting room, but we’ve received so many requests from new mailing list members that we’ve decided to re-offer what we have left. I guess we may have to brew up some nice iced tea for our tasting room visitors instead icon wink Loring Wine Company Update Once again, please don’t be confused – this is a re-release. Of course, we won’t say no if you’d like to buy a few extra bottles.


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The Fall Release single vineyard Pinots will also continue to be available. As with the AVA wines, please don’t be confused. These are the same wines that we initially released a month or so ago. This is more a convenience for us so that new list members can have access to everything that’s still available.


The Winter Release wines are now available for purchase to List Members through our
on-line ordering system

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