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More Restaurant Wine Ordering Tips

When I am forced to order wine in a restaurant (rather than the BYOB that I prefer) some recent

experiences may help you to make your wine that you are having with your meal more enjoyable.  No

matter what the restaurant, if you are unfamiliar with a wine or variety or even the year of the wine,

ask if you can taste it before ordering.  If they refuse and the wine tastes terrible, send it back..one

way the restaurant will learn to be more flexible or take greater effort in tasting what they buy.  I was

drinking Chardonnay at a nice restaurant having a nice time with a someone who loves that variety,

and asked to try the house wine, it was nothing memorable, asked to try a 2nd wine that

was offered by the glass and of course a more expensive option and it was great, later asked to try

another equally expensive option and it was not as good as the one we liked and were already

ready drinking.  Was having a burger another night at a tavern type restaurant known for their burgers

and and as it turned out not their wine list. This time I made the mistake of not asking to taste the

wine, a Pinot Noir (the waitress recommended it, maybe the tattoos should of tipped off her wine

experience, not that I have anything against tattoos), anyway, the nose was like a bar vinegar, and I

had to wait for the burger to come, take a big bite and then drink some to kill the taste, I drank half

the glass.  Now the lesson, either order a beer in one of these type restaurants or do as I should of

and send it back since it was undrinkable..I don’t care that it was only a $6 glass, I have had bottles

that cost that much retail and were good.  That why I love a BYOB,  if the wine is no good you can

only blame yourself for bringing it. (last tip, always bring a back-up bottle).


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