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Picchetti Bros. Winery



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IMG 2901 Picchetti Bros. Winery


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The first winery visit on our trip was to the Picchetti Winery tasting room in South Lake Tahoe, California. www.picchetti.com.  I had visited their winery in Cupertino, California which is down the mountain from the famous Ridge Winery a few years back and enjoyed their wines then enough to try them again, and on my last trip here a couple years ago. The Picchetti family owned a home in the area and thought that it would be a great place to open their winery‚Äôs second tasting room, especially since South Lake Tahoe did not have any.  The tasting room consists of a long tasting bar, gift shop and gardens.  A visitor has the option of trying five different wines (usually more if they have other open bottles), tasting is free to wine club members.  All their bottles have unique designs and labels, their wines are very good, well worth the stop in in the South Lake Tahoe area.

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