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Pinot Days-West Coast Event

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When Steve and I first fell into pinot noir, we thought that its winemakers were Rock Stars. But as we became more rooted in the industry, we learned that its winemakers, really, are more like pinot noir groupies than rock stars, following the grape around and celebrating its every nuance. Shouting and dancing to it, and turning out Rock Star wines. Our annual Pinot Days Producer Spotlight Tasting always features the most devoted of the pinot groupies, so it’s no surprise that we’re featuring Adam Lee!

Adam is known as Uncle Sid by his peers because as one of the first of the "Young Turks" to produce pinot in a striking and fuller-bodied style, he became the mentor for many of the current Rock Stars like Brian Loring, Michael Browne, and Andrew Vignello to name just a few. Uncle Sid, though still a young Turk, is the elder of the group and his considerable knowledge and passion have spurred many to seek out the art of crafting pinot.

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Adam makes pinot from over 20 different vineyards, showing off (in true groupie fashion) all the things this grape can do, his lovely wines ranging like people do in personality. Kind of like a pinot noir character study encapsulated in a single winery. I mean, just look at this lineup for the evening:

  • 2008 Siduri Chehalem Mountains
  • 2008 Siduri Santa Lucia Highlands
  • 2008 Siduri Muirfield
  • 2008 Siduri Rosella’s
  • 2008 Siduri Arbre Vert
  • 2008 Siduri Pisoni
  • 2008 Siduri Beran
  • 2008 Siduri Pisoni Eddie’s
  • 2008 Siduri Sta. Rita Hills
  • 2009 Siduri Russian River Valley
  • 2008 Siduri Keefer
  • 2009 Siduri Hirsch
  • 2008 Siduri Sonatera
  • 2009 Siduri Sierra Mar
  • 2008 Siduri Cargasacchi
  • 2009 Siduri Pisoni

Let me just add that Adam’s stories are as great as his wines, which is saying a lot. If you come, you won’t want to leave! We hope that you join us. You will find me up front, waving my lighter to Adam as he invites us all into the life and wines of our most gifted pinot groupie. Pinot Days Spotlight is on Friday, June 25th from 6pm-10pm. Click HERE to buy tickets and Click HERE to see our other events during Pinot Days 2010.

Best to you,

Lisa Rigisich
Pinot Days
(415) 246-2967

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