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Pinot Days-West Coast Event


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I don’t know how to describe our Spectacular Russian River Valley Pinot Noir Luxury Bus Tour without using far too many superlatives, so heck with it – ! This day is full of the most colorful and gifted people, absolutely beautiful wines, and breathtaking properties in Pinot Country, and you do not want to miss it!

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What’s in store: A group of 40 will meet at Merry Edwards for a tasting of Merry’s prized wines and tour of the crush facility. You will taste among the barrels, where that absolutely wonderful, ripe fruity, musty, woody smell of winemaking will quite literally surround you. Merry Edwards is a pinot noir legend and her title is well-earned; you will taste this for yourselves. When you’re done, jump back into your cushy bus seat with the wines you just bought for a special price, and think about what you will cook to pair with them!

Then you will luxury bus over to Dutton Goldfield for an insider’s look and a pinotphile’s tasting of what the gifted folks at Dutton Goldfield can do with our noble grape. These were Steve and my Thanksgiving wines (um, and Easter….and Groundhog Day). They are just fantastic with food. And by this time you will be getting hungry, so grab the bottles of Dutton Goldfield pinot that you may have opted to buy at a Pinot Days discount, and climb back into your air conditioned coach to head to lunch.
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You will tool over to Iron Horse for an old-fashioned BBQ in the vineyards, as well as the celebrated wines and company of Joy Sterling of Iron Horse, and Ken Freeman of Freeman Winery. Don’t forget to look out the windows as you go – it’s so gorgeous up there! Iron Horse has picnic tables in the vineyard, and Larry Vito Catering will be preparing your Pork Spare Ribs prepared in hard wood smoke. With Larry’s #9 barbeque sauce. Or Southern Barbeque Chicken, “gently rubbed and slowly smoked.” And cowboy beans. And more. Did I mention that the Freeman and the Iron Horse wines are incredible?

Rest up and eat a big lunch so you are ready to be the very first group ever to visit Inman Family’s brand new winery and tasting room. Kathleen cannot wait to host you and, if you don’t already know her wines, they are stunning. They are mostly lighter and prettier that their rivals, like Kathleen (she is blond and prettier than her rivals, and we love her). Many of us have been awaiting the “unveiling” of this facility and cannot wait to see it! Once you’ve had one more fantastic time there, befriended Kathleen (it’s impossible not to) and taken advantage of her special wine offering to you, you will be ready for a short nap on the bus, so sit by someone with a soft shoulder. And keep one eye open to enjoy the views as you go!
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Top off this incredible day with a visit to Benovia, a crown jewel among crown jewels in both wine and setting, and crafted by absolutely great people who are so much fun to be with that you will not want to leave. But sadly, you will have to, so then you will not want to leave without some wine in hand! Again, they are offering a special Pinot Days wine sales offer. (Not sure what it is but they tell me it’s great.) This is a once-in-a-lifetime day for pinot lovers, and one we hope you won’t miss.

Ten seats left, so please reserve your spot soon! Click HERE to buy tickets and Click HERE to see our other events.

Best to you,

Lisa Rigisich
Pinot Days
(415) 246-2967

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