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Pinot Days-West Coast Wine Event


SF 2011 Email Banner Public 2 Pinot Days West Coast Wine Event

Hello, Friends of Pinot Days –

Pinot Days San Francisco goes Broader! Our theme for this year, Stylistic Diversity, calls attention to the obvious: Pinot noir is beautifully, insanely versatile! You can find a pinot for every palate, every mood, and every cuisine under the sun. This year over 200 pinot producers will pour an amazingly broad array of pinots from California and far, far beyond. We are thrilled this year to be showcasing our largest-ever presence of Oregon GF Ed Pour Pinot Days West Coast Wine EventPinot producers (22 of them, and counting!), as well as a special Burgundy Corner where you can taste and learn about old world pinot with California’s single most charming man. Come celebrate the amazing breadth of style pinot offers! The Pinot Days Grand F estival is one week earlier this year, on Saturday, June 18th, so mark your calendars. And bring your Dad for an early celebration of Father’s Day. You can check out all of our smaller events around town – thematic, sit-down tastings, winemaker dinner, pinot pairings – by clicking HERE.

Buy a Ticket Bundle and Enter Early! When you purchase both a ticket to the Grand Festival and a ticket to one of our amazing Focus Tastings (Best of Oregon, Williams-Selyem Spotlight, or Twelve Noble Stars), you can enter the Grand Festival early, at 11:00am, before the larger crowd arrives. Do this! Our sit-down Focus Tastings are Steve and my absolute favorite of all the events we offer – they are so much fun – and you will be so glad you joined us. Greek Festival 2011 Pinot Days West Coast Wine Event (We’ve been known to ask trivia questions and give away wine at Focus Tastings. I’m just sayin’!) To boot, your early Grand Festival entry will provide you with greater one-on-one with the winemakers and wines in a more intimate setting. So go for the Bundle, Baby!

Live Chat with Star Winemakers, This Sunday, May 22nd! Dive head-first into the cyber pinot pool by chatting live with 6 exceptionally passionate and visionary pinot producers on Wine Berserkers, the world’s largest and fastest growing wine community. This Sunday, from 6:30-8:30pm, we invite you to take part in a Live Chat with 6 artisan producers whose wines range broadly in style, including Kosta Browne, Copain, Dutton-Goldfield, Clos Pepe, Talisman and Melville. Ask them questions, hear their stories, and learn about the many wild elements that affect the wines you love. You will learn, too, that the gentlemen behind these wines are one-of-a-kind, insightful, brilliant and funny! We encourage you to join in (it’s free). Click HERE to register. Click HERE for Sunday’s Live Chat.

We hope that you take part in everything we offer because there is no wine as versatile and lovely as pinot noir, and no people more passionate, warm and colorful than pinot people. Which makes our job a joy. Join us for our best event to date!

My best to you,
Lisa Rigisich
Pinot Days
(415) 382-8663

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