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Robert Biale Vineyards Update


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2011 Like Father Like Son.
$46 per bottle
$42 per bottle for members of the Black Chicken Society.
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Attention all Sons and Daughters

In case you haven’t heard, Father’s Day is fast approaching on June 15th, and Biale has the perfect suggestion for honoring and celebrating that important Dad who loves to savor a great glass of red wine – or two – when it’s very special stuff like Biale.

Since 2007, Biale has produced a small lot, reserve red wine that is composed of some of our best barrels of Napa Valley Petite Sirah and Syrah. There’s winemaking magic in how these two grapes complement each other so perfectly in the bottle – creating a wine that shows the classic attributes of Napa Valley – power, elegance, deep character, all in one seamless sensory experience.

This year we introduce our 2011 Like Father Like Son, from a cool vintage that was an excellent one not only for our Zinfandels but also for these Rhone-origin varieties. We now know that back in 1880 when Frenchman Francoise Durif created a new variety by arranging the marriage of Peloursin and Syrah, the resulting “child” was a perfect fit for California’s dry climate (Like Father likes Sun?), and Napa Valley’s world-famous ideal well-drained soils.

So, we suggest that if you can’t present a Father’s Day gift personally this year, that you ship Dad a six bottle collection of Like Father Like Son: one or two for celebrating and the rest for cellaring longer term. This is a substantial red wine that will continue to develop nuances, roundness, and length of flavors over the next 6 to 8 years. The best is yet to come!
2011 Like Father Like Son. $46 per bottle
$42 per bottle for members of the Black Chicken Society.
In addition to this special winery-direct 6 bottle offer receive:
A $30 shipping credit towards this or any future 6 bottle Biale shipment.
A “Happy Father’s Day, Dad” Biale note card that is good for a complementary tasting for two on a future visit to the Biale winery in Napa Valley (a $40 value)
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Smaller quantities also available.

All orders must be in by 5:00 pacific time, June 12th

*Shipping restrictions may apply

Robert Biale Vineyards | 4038 Big Ranch Road | Napa, California 94558 | P: 707.257.7555

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