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Robert Biale Vineyards Update



RBV logo Robert Biale Vineyards Update

Winery side.tif Robert Biale Vineyards Update

Fall 2014 Wines

Some Lovely Elevens and The Amazin’ 2012s, Continued.

The 2012 Vintage is going into the books and wine cellars as a most memorable one: a year where natural forces aligned to deliver a stupendous crop of outstanding quality. The key to winemaking was thinning fruit from the vines and finding room for all the gloriously ripe grapes. With all things agriculture, you play the cards you’re dealt. Vintage 2012 for Biale was a “full house” for sure.

We are pleased to announce the release of these wines, available for purchase/pick-up/shipping now.

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Aldos Robert Biale Vineyards Update

Jeffer-Zins Legacy.
2012 Aldo’s Vineyard
Zinfandel, Oak Knoll District, Napa Valley
It’s fairly common knowledge among history students that our third President, among many academic talents, was a dedicated grape grower, gourmand, wine collector and wine advocate. Thomas Jefferson, in fact, was a staunch defender of wine – so ardently so that he resigned as Secretary of State partly over a dispute with Alexander Hamilton about the taxation of imported wine. Read more here.

GaudiCarli Robert Biale Vineyards Update

Classic Carli.
2012 Gaudi Carli Barbera

Calistoga Appellation, Napa Valley
Next to Petite Sirah, Barbera may be the most underappreciated grape in California. In Napa Valley, where the “savage grape” Cabernet Sauvignon is king, Barbera is practically non-existent. Maybe that’s why we love the rare Gaudi Carli vineyard so much – we have a big soft spot for stray dogs. This one happens to have a huge heart plus pedigree. Barbera is one of the classic varieties of northern Italy and produces some of our favorite wines to serve with meals. Read more here.

Grande Robert Biale Vineyards Update

A Hidden Gem.
2012 Grande Vineyard
Zinfandel, Napa Valley
Just east of the historic Silverado Trail, near the town of Napa, lays an old Zinfandel vineyard that is one of our favorite historic family stories in Napa Valley.
Dorothy Rossi and her son, Tony Rossi, take care of an old-vine vineyard that was planted by Dorothy’s father, Theodosio Grande, in 1920 – the same year that Dorothy was born! Read more here.

MonteRosso Robert Biale Vineyards Update

Field of Drama.
2012 Monte Rosso Vineyard
Zinfandel, Moon Mountain (new appellation), Sonoma County
There’s nothing quite like it. Huge, twisting, gnarled, mountain-rooted Zinfandel vines with a view of Sonoma Valley, San Francisco, and the Bay Area – thriving plants that are still producing thrilling wines since their origins in the 1880’s. Even the most jaded wine veterans are struck with awe upon seeing the great Monte Rosso Vineyard. Read more here.

Pagani Robert Biale Vineyards Update

Introducing Biale’s Inaugural Pagani Ranch.
2012 Zinfandel, Sonoma Valley
We are proud and honored to introduce a new Biale Zinfandel from one of the great historic vineyards in Sonoma Valley – and an American vineyard landmark: Pagani Ranch. When you take the scenic drive up Highway 12 toward Glen Ellen, you can see Pagani to the west with its huge, awesome, head-trained vines and iconic white farmhouse and barn built by Felice Pagani in 1906. Read more here.

OldKraft.tif Robert Biale Vineyards Update

St. Helena Zin Preserve.
2012 Old Kraft Vineyard
Zinfandel, Appellation St. Helena
It’s a gratifying feeling knowing we helped to save a piece of Napa Valley vineyard history. Franz Kraft was a prominent winemaker in the earliest days of St. Helena in the period around 1860. His vineyards and winery were on the west side of town on Madrona Avenue. The iconic old native stone winery is now a cellar for the acclaimed Spottswoode Winery and most of the original old vineyards have been replaced – except for an old patch to the north of the winery that is part of the family estate of Bill and Margie Hart. Read more here.

Palisades Robert Biale Vineyards Update

Land and Legacy.
2012 Palisades Vineyard
Petite Sirah, Calistoga, Napa Valley
Domenico Barberis sure knew great potential when he saw it. The young immigrant was from the same village in Italy, Murialdo, as Bob Biale’s grandmother – Nonna Christina Biale. Barberis came to Calistoga in 1902 and soon thereafter was able to start a vineyard and ranch as well as his large family on a scenic property on Horns Creek. Read more here.

Thomann.tif Robert Biale Vineyards Update

Ridin’ the Rails.
2011 Thomann Station Petite Sirah, Appellation St. Helena, Napa Valley

Thomann Station was the old Napa Valley Railroad stop in St. Helena next to John Thomann’s (pronounced Toe-min’s) home – which is today’s noted Napa Valley landmark, Sutter Home. Across the road is the historic Louis. M. Martini Winery, where Louis M. and his son, Louis P. Martini, made an array of wines from estate vineyards that helped to establish Napa Valley as wine capital. Read more here.

varozza Robert Biale Vineyards Update

We Know Jack.
2012 Varozza Vineyard
Zinfandel, Appellation St. Helena, Napa Valley
Napa Valley narrows in its middle, like an hourglass, in St. Helena. Some of Napa Valley’s most historic vineyards lie right here. Varozza is one of those special sites. The St. Helena Viticultural Society became the first organization of grape growers in Napa Valley and little did they realize then that they had fostered a quality drive that would eventually make the valley recognized for top quality world-wide. Read more here.

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