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Sine Qua Non Update


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Dear Wine Lover~
        It is with sadness, distinct trepidation, annoyance and even downright disgust that we have to
send you this miserable notice. But – as hard as it may seem to understand – it is the right thing to do
because we should at least keep you updated and in the loop. Sending you an offering invitation
would be much preferred for sure, but Mother Nature was just not plentiful enough. So, what we are
forced to do instead is to tell you about the two wines we are offering up right now, but we don’t
have enough to offer you any quite yet.  
They will be shipped in the Spring of 2018, but perhaps you can snag one somewhere – at a favorite
restaurant or top-notch retailer.
The wines are our 2015 Syrah Trouver l’arène (means "finding the arena") and the delightful 2015
Grenache Le chemin vers l’hérésie which means "the path to heresy."
Yes, they are lovely wines and no, we don’t get any satisfaction or pleasure whatsoever with this
notice, no matter how well intentioned the thought behind it is. Thank you very kindly for your
patience and for your hopefully continued interest. Please know we are working diligently at
getting you into the fold as soon as is possible.
To ensure we don’t unintentionally lose you along the way. Please take a moment to check that
your contact information is accurate and up to date. We have included a link HERE to make it
easy and automatically log you in.
With fondest wishes,

Elaine& Manfred Krankl

P.S.: There is one positive item to report. Clearly there are a few helpful, delightful wine
publications. Robert Parker’s TWA, Antonio Galloni’s VINOUS and a number of well-known
As you surely know Jeb Dunnuck has been our reviewer for The Wine Advocate for the past
several years. Jeb has now started his own publication – I have said it many
times, but without a doubt Jeb is intelligent, honest, insightful and interesting. If you want to read
more of what he said about SQN, Next of Kyn, The Third Twin or many other producers and
wine regions from around the world, including of course our beloved Rhone Valley, we
encourage you to subscribe with him.

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