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Sine Qua Non……Someday….


Feb 21 at 10:39 PM

logo Sine Qua Non……Someday….

Dear Wine Lover ~

    For nearly 20 years we have sent snail-mail postcards to the many enthusiastic and patient folks who outnumbered our annual production. It always was and always will be an effort – at times misinterpreted by some – to let folks know that we have not forgotten about them and to at least inform them about new wines from our Garage d’Or. Keep them in the loop as it were.

We are a bit old fashioned and have always given the advantage to paper over ether. But at this point the waiting list has grown to a size that paper is simply no longer tenable. So e-mail it is. We might even save a tree or two and we can be a touch more explicit.

With that, we’d like to apologize for having to send you this "virtual postcard" instead of an order form for these new wines that are being offered up right now. To keep you in the know, the wines to hit the tables this fall are: Our 2010 estate Syrah and Grenache, both carry the name Stockholm Syndrome, as well as the 2012 White Wine we call In The Abstract. For the first time ever we have also bottled (or will soon bottle) a tiny bit of pure Chardonnay, also from the 2012 vintage. That wine is called Pearl Clutcher.

As always, please know that there is simply zero satisfaction in having to send you this note. We would much…MUCH prefer to provide you with an opportunity to buy instead. But alas we just don’t have the wines available at this point.

If at the end of this release cycle some bottles remain available, we will contact waiting list customers in chronological order. Hopefully this means you. We won’t forget. That’s a promise.

With that we’d like to say thank you so very, very much for your continued patience. Starting with the next release, the 2012 red wines, to be offered this summer, we should be able to make a decent dent into the lengthy waiting list for once. If your interest is still strong, please make sure we have all your current contact information so that when the time comes (hopefully in just a few months) we won’t miss you. You may update your contact information by going to our website at www.sinequanon.com, click my account and sign in with your User ID and Password provided below.


Elaine & Manfred

P.O. Box 1048, Oak View, CA 93022

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