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The 5 S’s To Wine Tasting


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Enjoying red wine is an experience that’s full of tastes, smells and sights.  To further the enjoyment of your wine drinking experience, here are the Five S’s to wine tasting.

1)  Sight:  Study the color and clarity, wine should be clear and not cloudy.

2)  Swirl:  Swirling wine around the glass forces aromas up and out of the glass.

3)  Smell:  Put your nose into the glass and appreciate the different aromas being released.

4)  Sip:  Take a sip and hold the wine in your mouth, letting it come in contact with the flavor receptors on your tongue and mouth.

5)  Savor:  Identify and describe the different fruit flavors that you are tasting from the wine.

For optimum tasting results, it’s recommended that you let the bottle aerate at room temperature 10-15 minutes before drinking if that bottle came from a temperature controlled cellar or wine frig.  Depending on the quality of the wine, results will further be enhanced if the wine is decanted, also proper use of quality wine glasses with lead to the best wine tasting experience.

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