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Top 10 Wine Spas

You’re soaking in an oak barrel bath treated with Pinot Noir, your face covered with a Merlot grape seed wrap. Therapists splash you clean with cool fresh grape water, then massage your back with a grape masher. Soon you’ll be sitting down to a Michelin Star dinner, drinking wine made from the vineyard outside and retiring to a room in a luxury hotel.

It sounds like an oenophile’s fantasy, but this is no wine-induced dream. Spa-goers the world over are now exfoliating with crushed cabernet scrubs and soaking in tubs of wine-tinted water. And increasingly, they’re doing it at a wine spa hotel.

It’s no surprise as to why this trend is taking off. Recent studies suggesting that the French suffer less heart disease due to a regular intake of wine confirmed what most oenophiles have long suspected: Wine not only tastes good; it’s good for you. But the rejuvenative qualities in a bottle of Bordeaux or a carafe of Cabernet tell only half the story. Grapes, grape seeds and grape vines happen to contain some of the nature’s most powerful antioxidants, helping to account for the hottest new trend in the global spa industry — wine and grape-based treatments known as vinotherapy.

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