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West Coast Wine Event-Pinot Days


8th Annual Pinot Days San Francisco
June 9th-16th

Pinot Days San Francisco features intimate tastings around the Bay at places like Vine at Bridges, Dixie Restaurant, Press Club, California Wine Merchant and Ottimista Enoteca, and culminates with our Grand Festival at Fort Mason, featuring over 200 pinot producers and over 500 celebrated wines. Click Here to View All the Events.

How to find the Best Pinots in the room?

You can’t taste every pinot – don’t try – it’s not the point! The point is to follow your palette like a North Star, and experience this beautiful little grape in as many forms and styles as compel you. Rule #1: Ignore the critics! They have a different tongue than you do. Instead, taste and decide for yourselves. You will know what you like when you taste it.

A Big Gathering Around a Tiny Grape.

Pinot Days is the biggest Pinot Noir tasting in the world. It has to be! Pinot’s greatest asset is its stylistic diversity, and we aim to give you a place to experience pinot noir in any style and from any region you choose. They will all be there. Come marvel at the vast range of very pretty forms this little grape can embody, and the fascinating, very different artistic visions of its winemakers. Open-minded when it comes to pinot? Good! You can taste, and quite possibly fall in love with, regions and styles that are new to you.

Still reading? You must be hungry by now.

Because pinot is the most versatile grape on the planet, you can find a pinot to match any food under the San Francisco sun. We’ll prove it once again at our Winemakers "Table Hop" Dinner at Dixie Restaurant, where unusual pinot pairings will knock your socks off.

What to wear at Pinot Days?

We recommend that you wear a smile and if you don’t present one at entry, it’ll be our mission to give you one to take home. If our winemakers set the dress code, you will want to be in jeans with a little bit of vineyard soil on your knees. Avoid white because the wines are red. And very, very good.Click Here to View All the Events.

Our mantra is "Serious Wine, Serious Fun."

Pinot is seriously diverse, offering a breadth of styles and quality that no other variety matches. So tasting a number of different pinots side by side is fun in and of itself, but what pushes "fun" over the top is the people behind the tables, who are some of the most colorful and charming characters you will meet. Bring friends along and the "fun" is a guarantee.

Our Pinot Principle

Pinot Days is the largest gathering of Pinot Noir producers in the world. It has to be; pinot noir is exceptionally stylistically diverse, and our aim is to give every pinot lover a place to "go deep" within the style you love. And, if you’re open to venturing outside of your comfort zone, you can experience, and quite possibly love, other styles as well. To this end we gather hundreds of pinot noir winemakers to pour hundreds of pinots that range from the picture of elegance to forward and "wow." You can’t try them all – don’t try – it’s not the point! The point is to follow your palette like a North Star, and experience this beautiful little grape in as many forms and styles as compel you. Ignore the critics; ask folks in the crowd, "Who have you tried? What do you like? " Pinot noir is way more than a grape variety –it’s an art form. It is an endlessly fascinating intellectual and aesthetic pursuit for people who want to savor the good things in life. So we invite the world to Pinot Days, because pinot noir can change the world, one pretty, little, thin-skinned grape at a time.

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