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Wine 101-Know When To Drink Your Wine


IMG 4880 thumb Wine 101 Know When To Drink Your Wine                                                             IMG 4882 thumb Wine 101 Know When To Drink Your Wine


Got tired of looking at some wine that was in a co-worker’s office..so we decided to do a wine tasting of some wines that were not properly stored, too old and not that good to begin with.  The wines consisted of a 2001 Chardonnay from Virginia, color was golden yellow but the wine had turned, a 2001 Pinot Noir from Virginia which was browe..not a great wine color, a NV sweet Virginia table red which smelled like fortified kool-aid, and lastly a 2007 homemade red which smelled ok but a tiny taste was nasty.  Once again, the lesson is to drink your wines in their due time and properly store your wine so it can last longer if you plan on holding on to it. 

One Response to “Wine 101-Know When To Drink Your Wine”

  1. Tim Marman says:

    Beyond the more “obvious” rules, this has to be one of the hardest things for me to get a handle on – especially when one critic says “drink before 2006″ and another says “best between 2012-2016″.

    Then again, after having some really awful PA and VA wine recently, the wine might not have spoiled… it might just have been some bad wine :)


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