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destra tile WINE DIAPERIntroducing Wine Diaper: The Best Way to Protect Your Wine While You Travel

Protect your wine by treating it as delicately as you would a baby and diaper it! Diapering your wine bottles will help protect them from breakage and absorb up the liquid should something still cause damage to the bottle. The Wine Diaper’s patented design will cradle your wine in a padded container and contains absorbent material to quickly soak up any spills, helping to safeguard clothing and other valuables in your suitcase. Read more and see the Wine Diaper in action »»

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  1. WineDiaper Padded Absorbent Bag, Set of 3…

    Binding : KitchenBrand : Idea Mia, LLCColor : BlueFeature : Pamper your wine with the security of the WineDiaper, also a great way to transport liquor, perfume, vinegar, any liquid contained in a breakable bottle, Diapering your bottles will help prote…

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