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Wine Quiz

* Answers are at the bottom of this quiz.


1.  What is a coarse wine?

A. A full-bodied, delicious wine.
B. A robust but harsh wine.
C. A wine that can be used for Liquid Drano in a pinch.


2.  Which part of France does Pouilly Fuisse come from?

A. Cotes de Beaune
B. Chablis
C. Cote Chalonnaise
D. Maconnais

3.  Who was the first person, since Prohibition, to build a new large scale winery in Napa?

A. Gustave Neibaum
B. Carl Doumani
C. Warren Winiarski
D. Robert Mondavi
E. Jim Barrett
F. None of the above

4.  What problem has affected vines in Chablis for many years and how have wineries overcome it?

A. Frost
B. Hail
C. Drought
D. Pests

5.  Which of the following is a control state in the United States in terms of their ability to sell liquor?

A. Alaska
B. Arkansas
C. South Dakota
D. Minnesota
E. Pennsylvania


6.  Which Commune in Bordeaux has the most First Growth wines?

A. Margaux
B. Pauillac
C. St Julien
D. St Estephe
E. Haut Medo

1.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. A robust but harsh wine.
Although a coarse wine may be full-bodied, it’s also harsh in flavor and texture and often too tannic. Its lack of balance and flavor is usually the result of inferior grapes. A coarse wine is a person whose opinions are too blunt: you can’t swallow too much of either of them.


2.  Wine Quiz Answer: D. Maconnais
Maconnais in Burgundy, not to be confused with Pouilly Fume which is in the Loire Valley. Maconnais is the Southernmost white wine-producing area in Burgundy and has a climate that is warmer than that of the Cote d’Or and Chablis. Macon wines are, in general, pleasant, light, uncomplicated, reliable and a great value. Pouilly Fuisse is one of the most popular of Maconnais wines and is the highest in terms of quality level.


3.  Wine Quiz Answer: D. Robert Mondavi
Mr. Mondavi, after the split with his family, ventured out on his own, with minority partners, and with his two sons. They finished the winery in time for the 1966 harvest.


4.  Wine Quiz Answer: A. Frost
Frost. The cold, Northern climate of Chablis poses a threat to the vines. Back in the late 1950s, Chablis almost went out of business because crops were ruined by frost. Through modern technology and with improved methods of frost protection, vintners have learned to control this problem, so more and better wine is being produced.


5.  Wine Quiz Answer: E. Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania. It is the right and privilege of each state to decide how to control, sell and distribute "adult" beverages. Many states such as Pennsylvania decided to control the sale of wine, beer and spirits at the retail and wholesale level.The state through its authority sets pricing and selection policies. There are currently 19 control states in the United States.


6.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. Pauillac
Pauillac with three first growth Chateaux, Lafite-Rothschild, Latour, Mouton-Rothschild. More than 150 years ago in the Medoc region of Bordeaux, a wine classification was established. Brokers from the wine industry were asked by Napoleon III to select the best wines to represent France in the International Exposition of 1855. The top Medoc wines were ranked according to price, which at the time was directly related to quality.

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