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Wine Quiz


* Answers are at the bottom of this quiz.

1.  Are shippers an important part of the wine market in Alsace?

A. Not useful at all
B. Very minimal importance.
C. Somewhat important
D. Very important
E. Fundamental


2.  If a California label has a vineyard name on it, what percentage of the grapes must come from that vineyard?

A. 75%
B. 85%
C. 95%
D. 65%
E. 100%


3.  Who are the most important shippers in Alsace?

A. Domaine Marcel Deiss
B. Domaine Weinbach
C. F.E. Trimbach
D. Hugel & Fils
E. All of the above


4.  Where are some of the oldest vineyards in France?

A. Burgundy
B. Bordeaux
C. Rhone Valley
D. Loire Valley
E. Champagne


5.  Which of the following grapes is the most widely planted in Bordeaux?

A. Cabernet Sauvignon
B. Merlot
C. Cabernet Franc
D. Petit Verdot
E. Semillon

6.  What problem has affected vines in Chablis for many years and how have wineries overcome it?

A. Frost
B. Hail
C. Drought
D. Pests

1.  Wine Quiz Answer: E. Fundamental
Fundamental. The majority of landholders in Alsace don’t grow enough grapes to make it economically feasible to produce and market their own wine. Instead, they sell their grapes to a shipper who produces, bottles and markets the wines under his own name. The art of making high-quality wine lies in the selection of grapes made by each shipper.

2.  Wine Quiz Answer: C. 95%
If an individual vineyard is noted on the label, 95% of the grapes must be from the named vineyard, which must be located within an approved AVA.


3.  Wine Quiz Answer: E. All of the above
All of the above. All of the shippers listed are very reliable shippers. The two most important factors when choosing wine from Alsace are the grape variety and the reputation and style of the shipper.


4.  Wine Quiz Answer: C. Rhone Valley
Some of the oldest vineyards in France are in the Rhone Valley. Hermitage, for example, has been in existence for more than 2000 years.


5.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. Merlot
Merlot is the most widely planted grape in Bordeaux although many people think it is Cabernet Sauvignon. All of the list varieties can go into a red Bordeaux blend except for Semillion but most commonly Bordeaux is a blend of two varieties.


6.  Wine Quiz Answer: A. Frost
Frost. The cold, Northern climate of Chablis poses a threat to the vines. Back in the late 1950s, Chablis almost went out of business because crops were ruined by frost. Through modern technology and with improved methods of frost protection, vintners have learned to control this problem, so more and better wine is being produced.

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