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* Answers are at the bottom of this email.

1.  The scent of a fine, aged Riesling is most reminiscent of:

A. NFL locker room
B. Greyhound bus depot
C. Wet monkey


2.  In addition to Chardonnay, what grape is used in Mumm Napa’s non-vintage blanc de blanc?

A. Riesling
B. Pinot Noir
C. Viognier
D. Pinot Gris


3.  After which woman’s  left breast was the saucer-style Champagne glass modeled?

A. Marie Antoinette
B. Elizabeth Taylor
C. Cleopatra
D. Lauren Bacall


4.  The term "Icewine" refers to what?

A. Petite Syrah
B. Frozen wine from fresh grapes
C. Chardonnay on the rocks
D. Wine from frozen grapes


5.  The vine louse phylloxera never invaded Chile because:

A. The mountains are too high for the louse to climb.
B. The quarantine controls are strict for the louse to slip by.
C. The desert is too harsh for the louse to survive.
D. All of the above.


6.  Which of the following is NOT part of a grape cluster stem system?

A. Rachis
B. Peduncle
C. Meristem
D. Pedicel


1.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. Greyhound bus depot
As Riesling ages, it develops a waxy, petrol or diesel smell, which connoisseurs learn to love. Especially when they paid a lot for the bottle.

2.  Wine Quiz Answer: D. Pinot Gris
One of California’s leading sparkling wine houses, Mumm Napa blends about 30% Pinot Gris into its Blanc de Blancs.

3.  Wine Quiz Answer: A. Marie Antoinette
It is rumored that Marie Antoinette so loved Champagne that her passion for the drink, (or rather her bust line), inspired the saucer-shaped Champagne glass.

4.  Wine Quiz Answer: D. Wine from frozen grapes
Ice wine (or icewine, as one word, or in German, Eiswein) is a type of dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. The sugars and other dissolved solids do not freeze, but the water does, allowing a more concentrated grape must to be pressed from the frozen grapes, resulting in a small amount of concentrated, often very sweet wine. With ice wines, the freezing happens before the fermentation, not afterwards. Unlike the grapes from which other dessert wines, such as Sauternes, Tokaji, or Trockenbeerenauslese, are made, ice wine grapes should not be affected by Botrytis cinerea or noble rot. Only healthy grapes keep in good shape until the opportunity arises for an ice wine harvest, which can occur the following calendar year. This gives ice wine its characteristic refreshing sweetness balanced by high acidity. When the grapes are free of Botrytis, they are said to come in "clean".

5.  Wine Quiz Answer: D. All of the above.
All of these conditions were too much for the root louse to overcome. This is why today Chile has some vines that are older than those planted in Europe. In fact, many of the original vine cuttings came from European vineyards, particularly those in Bordeaux, France.

6.  Wine Quiz Answer: C. Meristem
Peduncle is the main stem where the cluster is suspended from the cane; Pedicel is the stem connecting the grape itself to the cluster stem; the cluster stem is called the Rachis; a Meristem is found on new shoots and roots.

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