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Wine Quiz

* Answers are at the bottom of this quiz.

1.  To be classified as a "Vintage" Champagne in France what percentages of grapes must come from the declared vintage?

A. 85%
B. 90%
C. 95%
D. 100%


2.  All of the vineyards of Champagne are quality rated on a village-by-village basis which is known as the “Echelle des Crus”. How many Villages are rated with the top rating of "Grands Crus"?

A. 7 villages
B. 17 villages
C. 24 villages
D. 33 villages


3.  The word "bouquet" is:

A. A snotty affectation
B. A technical term
C. An insult in Montalcino


4.  A customer asks for a French Red Burgundy that you do not carry. What do you steer him/her to?


A. Cabernet Sauvignon
B. Pinot Noir
C. Merlot
D. Syrah


5.  What is the only winegrowing region in France that can legally grow Riesling?


A. Rhône Valley
B. Corsica
C. Alsace
D. Jura


6.  The Mistral affects which of the following wine regions of France?

A. Champagne
B. Rhone
C. Loire
D. Bordeaux




1.  Wine Quiz Answer: D. 100%
To be a true "Vintage" Champagne 100% of the grapes must be produced from the Vintage on the label.


2.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. 17 villages
According to the official "Echelle Des Crus" only 17 villages have the highest classification as a Grands Crus.


3.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. A technical term
Bouquet refers to smells from winemaking, like yeast and oak barrels, while aroma means smells from the grapes. If you mix these up, you’ll look like a moron to the two people in the world that think this is important.


4.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. Pinot Noir


5.  Wine Quiz Answer: C. Alsace


6.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. Rhone
The Rhône Valley, like much of the south of France, is influenced by the Mistral. This wind originates as a cold air mass over the Atlantic and/or Northern Europe. It descends towards the warmth of the Mediterranean and is funneled into the Rhône Valley like a bobsled on ice. During the growing season, this wind desiccates the grapes, concentrating their sugars and flavor compounds. It also thickens the grape skins, producing wines with tannic grip.The Mistral blows northwest to southeast at 60 mph. For this reason, many vignerons plant their vineyards on southeast-facing slopes so that they lie in the leeward side of the wind.

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