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Wine Quiz


* Answers are at the bottom of this email.


1.  Which of the following is not a common aroma found in Blanc de Blancs Champagne:

A. Bread Dough
B. Popcorn
C. White Flowers
D. Tobacco


2.  Word gets out you’re a placomusephile. Now everyone will know about your:

A. Champagne cap collection
B. Fear of spitting
C. Experiments on grape-leaf mold


3.  What is a coarse wine?

A. A full-bodied, delicious wine.
B. A robust but harsh wine.
C. A wine that can be used for Liquid Drano in a pinch.


4.  Which of these is not the same grape?

 A. Pinot Blanc
B. Sauvignon blanc
C. Fumé Blanc


5.  What are "legs" in relation to wine?

A. The gams on a handsome winemaker.
B. A new brand name of wine that breaks away from the critter label craze.
C. The drips of wine along the sides of your glass.


6.  What does flinty describe in wine?

A. A wine made by an acerbic vintner.
B. Dry wines with a mineral character.
C. Wines that are particularly good for lighting campfires.



1.  Wine Quiz Answer: D. Tobacco
Although aromas of tobacco are appreciated in a fine Cabernet, a tobacco-scented blanc de blancs would be most unappealing.

2.  Wine Quiz Answer: A. Champagne cap collection
On top of the Champagne cork sits a little metal cap, often decorated with a picture or logo. There are clubs devoted to collecting these. You can even buy them in sets, but then you miss the fun part.

3.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. A robust but harsh wine.
Although a coarse wine may be full-bodied, it’s also harsh in flavor and texture and often too tannic. Its lack of balance and flavor is usually the result of inferior grapes. A coarse wine is a person whose opinions are too blunt: you can’t swallow too much of either of them.

4.  Wine Quiz Answer: A. Pinot Blanc
Pinot Blanc is from a different grape family. “Fumé” was a word dreamed up by Robert Mondavi to replace the hard-to-pronounce "Sauvignon." Since fumé is French for “smoke,” it has come to designate a smoky, oak-fermented style as opposed to the zippy, un-oaked Sauvignon Blanc style of, say, New Zealand.

5.  Wine Quiz Answer: C. The drips of wine along the sides of your glass.
The rivulets of wine that slowly glide down the glass after swirling the wine are often called legs or tears. They’re related to surface tension differences between water and alcohol. The more alcoholic the wine, the slower the legs go down the glass and the more defined they are. This doesn’t indicate a better wine, just a more alcoholic one.

6.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. Dry wines with a mineral character.
Flinty usually describes dry white wines, such as chablis and sancerre, with an aroma of flint striking steel. This character is believed to come from the limestone soil in which the grapes were grown and is a positive attribute.

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