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WTSO’s My Cellar



 WTSO’s My Cellar

You are invited to visit

My Cellar!

Dear Friend of WinesTilSoldOut,

We’ve come a long way since the first wine cellars were established in the underground caves of Europe. And while our latest rendition of wine “storage” won’t allow you to keep your WTSO purchases temperature regulated in that sweet spot between 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity, there are numerous benefits …

Introducing MY CELLAR by WinesTilSoldOut.com, an online tool to help you organize, manage and evaluate your WTSO Wines! It’s easy to gain access:

Simply log in to your account

and click on the “My Cellar” tab.

There, you can view all of your previous purchases, read the wine notes concerning those delicious bottles, as well as record your own comments and ratings.

While our online “My Cellar” feature cannot store your grape in optimal conditions allowing it to age elegantly, it does organize your favorite wine data so you can rest assured it will all be there, safe and sound. Now you can relax and do what you’re supposed to do with that wine anyway: Drink it!


Best Regards from your WTSO Team,

Joe, Elliot, Jamie, Justin, Julie, Stephanie, Gabby, Sarah, and Marguerite

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 WTSO’s My Cellar  WTSO’s My Cellar  WTSO’s My Cellar WTSO’s My Cellar

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