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Caldwell Vineyard And Winery Earthquake Update


We would like to take a moment and say thank you…

There have been overwhelming amounts of emails and phone calls sending prayers to the Caldwell family, Caldwell employees and their families, and of course, our wine. We are honored and grateful that so many of you have reached out to us… we are very appreciative and truly thankful.

The earthquake that took place early on Sunday morning has shaken us all up. We are glad to say that the Caldwell family is safe and in good spirits. Fortunately, our extended family of Caldwell employees have also shared that their families are safe today and they are making haste to clean up damage to their personal homes.

The Caldwell Vineyard and Winery emerged relatively unscathed from the events and we have minimal damage. Our location on the eastern side of the valley, soil composition and elevation from the epicenter created the perfect trifecta of protection. With just a few broken bottles on the winery floor, we were able to reopen our doors today with business as usual. John has always said during tastings that our cave was the safest place to be and as of yesterday, we can say he was 100% correct. We are thankful and pleased to report that the 2012 and 2013 bountiful vintages are still sleeping safe and sound.

Parts of Napa were not as lucky and our thoughts and prayers go out to our neighbors and the community as we continue to restore Napa to its former glory. We are grateful our community is safe and will continue to support them in whatever capacity we can as we all clean and rebuild.

Thank you again for all of your calls, emails, thoughts and prayers.

John and Joy Caldwell, Marbue Marke, Caldwell Employees and our Extended Family

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