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Invino Earthquake Update


80da91ee Invino Earthquake Update

A Message from invino Founders, Tony & Danielle Westfall

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Well, as you’re probably aware, Napa Valley and the surrounding Wine Country suffered a 6.1 magnitude earthquake Sunday morning. We can tell you first hand, it was immense. At our home, 7 miles from the quake’s epicenter, we were thrown out of bed to what felt like a semi-truck barreling through the house with no warning. Loud, strong and with enormous rolling waves, it seemed to last minutes, versus a mere 30 seconds.
Soon after the quake ended, we were down the street at our Sonoma warehouses to survey the damage. The (very) good news is that no one was there at the time. The bad news, is the quake left hundreds of broken wine bottles in its path of destruction.


We’re happy to say, our warehouses and Sonoma offices are 100% up and running. Our Fulfillment Team was able to process orders as usual today, and we do not anticipate any delays in delivery times due to this disaster. We feel incredibly fortunate that while we did experience damages and losses, no one from invino was hurt and our business is able to maintain its daily wine sales for our Members. With that, we’re able to turn efforts to helping our many neighboring winery friends while they work through the clean-up.
It goes without saying we appreciate your membership; this event reminds us to take stock in how lucky we are to have your support. All our best.
Danielle & Tony Westfall, invino Founders

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