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Come See Mollydooker In The USA


152 Come See Mollydooker In The USA

We are so excited that it’s time again to catch up with all of our wonderful friends stateside.

During August, we will be in the northern half of the US, and the southern half during late September-early October. We are hoping that we will get a chance to see you.

We will be doing Blend a Hand celebrations where Sparky will lead you through a tasting of the 2009 Leftys and a fascinating, interactive seminar which shows you how we blend our wines. You’ll have a lot of fun and will have the opportunity to make your very own blend ‘that makes you go WOW!’ Then we’ll taste the fabulous 2009 Party, Love and Velvet Glove wines with dinner.

For ticket reservations and information, please visit the travel schedule on our website or call us toll free on on 888 MD SHIRAZ (888.637.4472).

SoCal tennis tournament at La Costa Resort July 31st – Aug 8th

We have some complimentary reserved seating and invites for 4 amateurs to play in the ProAm tournament on Friday morning August 6. Email Tarlie at tarlie@mollydookerwines.com.au for details. First come, first served.

We can’t wait to see you!
134 Come See Mollydooker In The USA

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