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Robert Biale Vineyards-Zappa-Zinfandel-Petite Sirah-Syrah-Napa Valley-California-2003-$31.99-I have always wanted to try this vineyards wine since I am a Zin lover and found this bottle at my friendly neighborhood wine shop, I told owner if the wine is old I am bringing opened bottle back…A nose of berries and spice, dark amber in color.  I was thrilled when I took my first sip, smooth, the 15.7% was totally integrated, berries, spice, some chocolate, a great bottle of wine.          NR            CR-4.5-5             Good with cheese, chicken, pasta.

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Arnot-Roberts-Clary Ranch-Syrah-Sonoma Coast-California-2006-$30.00-A nose of sour cherry, dark purple in color.  I had always wanted to try a bottle from this winery of very small production wines, but…  Sour cherry, sage, tea, tried three different times, just did not enjoy the flavor, too sour.           RP-91             CR-2.5-3             Good with burgers, pasta, steak.


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