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Four Vines-The Sophisticate-Zinfandel-Sonoma County-California-

2006-$21.00-I really enjoy a good Zinfandel and I got to visit Four Vines

Winery when I was on a wine trip in the Central Coast area of California.  Four

Vines is one of the top upcoming wineries whose wines have had very high

ratings.  They make 6 different Zinfandels and also Syrah and Chardonnay.

This wine has a great fruit forward nose, is big, BIG and rich with complex

favors and a smooth elegant mouth feel.  If you like Zinfandel, I highly

recommend it.      WS-92     CR-4.5     Good with meats, chicken, pasta.

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Fincas Don Martino-Martino-Old Vine-Malbec-Argentina-2004-$13.99-

I enjoy trying wines from different countries, had not had one from Argentina

in awhile so I was glad after I tried it that I picked a good one.  Nice nose of

sweet fruit, ruby color, hints of vanilla and chocolate with smooth tannins.

It was a very enjoyable drinking wine, great value and since it was a 2004 it

was ready to drink now. If you have not tried Malbec, then I recommend you

start with this one.     WS-84     CR-4    Good with steaks, ribs, pasta.

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