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Lafond Vineyards-Pinot Noir-Sta. Rita Hills-California-2006-$17.30-Light crisp nose of spiced

fruit. A smooth, medium bodied Pinot, enjoyable. I’s hard finding a Pinot these days that’s any good

without spending $30, so this is a buy.  This winery is located in the area where Sideways was

filmed (Santa Barbara) and it’s known for Pinot Noir.   NR  CR4  Good with chicken, pasta.


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Larry Cherubino-Ad Hoc-Hen & Chicken-Chardonnay-Australia-2007-$12.98-Light nose of

spicy citrus, nice acidity.  Medium yellowish tint, , lemon favors, not over oaked.  A great summer

wine, and a steal at this price.  Cute label which many Australian bottles are known for.  WS89

CR4-4.5  Good with chicken, salad, seafood.


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