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Truchard-Syrah-Napa Valley-California-2004-$16.99-I enjoy a Syrah, a Californian one every now

and then, enjoy an Australian one also except I believe you notice the difference more than how it’s

spelled.  I especially enjoy a good Syrah that has aged a few years to smooth it out, this is one, it used

to sell for $30.00 a few years back  so now it’s a steel.  Good nose, dark color, smooth, just a very

enjoyable drinking wine, it might be hard finding this year..worth the search.     WS-90  CR-4-4.5

Great with steak, pasta, chicken.

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Cambria Winery-Katherine’s Vineyard-Chardonnay-Santa Maria Valley-California-2006-

$14.99-A combo fruitie, oakie nose, ok acidity, a ok summer wine, probably a bit too much oak..I

have had this same wine prior years and it was smoother, better.  NR  CR-3-3.5  Good with fish,

chicken, pasta.

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