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362655 CORKSCREWs REVIEWs                       362656 CORKSCREWs REVIEWs




Robert Biale Vineyards-Petite Sirah-Thomann Staion-St. Helena-Napa Valley-California-2006-15.2% Alcohol-$47.50-A nose of dark fruit and spice, dark purple in color.  A full bodied and dense Petite Syrah, with black currants, black cherry, chocolate and spiced herbs, still big and bold but now in a great drinking zone.         RP-95          WS-90          CR-92          Good with steak, chicken, pasta.




362652 CORKSCREWs REVIEWs                             362653 CORKSCREWs REVIEWs


Symington Family Estates-Warre’s-Warrior-Finest Reserve-Porto-Portugal-NV-20.00% Alcohol-12.99-A ripe nose of spice and dark fruit, very dark, blackish in color.  A sweet full bodied port, dark fruit, spice, a good value for it’s price range, a bottle will last up to one month in frig after opening.           NR           CR-87                    Good with desert or alone.

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