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Decanters And Aerators-When Best To Use



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Why use a decanter-Traditionalists will say there is something almost sacred about slowly pouring a bottle into a beautifully drafted crystal wine decanter, particularly for those older wines that may be a bit more delicate.  Better quality wines will also constantly change while in the decanter, an effect you lose when utilizing the ultra-fast aerators.  It can  be quite revealing to smell and taste the wine at different points while it is opening up, as the aromas and flavors can grow deeper and more complex.



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When to use an aerator-Aerators tend to open up wine faster than decanting.  So if you are short on time an aerator is the perfect accessory.  Also, because aerators are either hand-held or fit in right in the neck of the bottle, they are extremely convenient to use for single glass service.

When not to aerate-A very old wine (10+ years) should not be aerated.  If you’re serving an old win eat it’s peak, it won’t benefit from aeration, as it’s fully developed.  Themore an old wine is exposed to air the sooner it will start to fade.  You should however, decant off its sediment just prior to service.

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