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Manhattan Wine Company-Refer A Friend

 Manhattan Wine Company Refer A Friend

March 17, 2011

Refer a Friend to MWC Storage Program

 Manhattan Wine Company Refer A Friend

Some of you might know that Manhattan Wine Company began as a wine storage company in 2006. And if some of you might have known this — and since forgotten it — we couldn’t blame you. After all, we quickly realized that our clients — and the world in general — got much more excited buying, enjoying and talking about wine than about the vagaries of ideal temperature and humidity levels for storage.  In fact, you deserve a reward if you’re still reading this, and here it is.

If you refer a friend who opens up a storage account with MWC, we’ll show our appreciation by giving you something back. You can choose to take your reward as (a) a credit towards a storage account (b) a credit towards a purchase off of our list of 2009 Bordeaux Futures (excel list is also available upon request), or c) a little of both.

Encourage your friends to store with us, and we’ll show you our love as follows:

3 cases – $30

6 cases – $60

10 cases – $100

15 cases – $150

20 cases – $200

30 cases -$300

40 cases – $400

50 cases – $500

More than this – We gotta talk

So if you have a couple of friends with a lot of wine who could use some great storage (and we do take pride in doing a great job), then you could score yourself some great wine and/or knock some off your next storage contract with MWC!

The 2009 vintage in Bordeaux was unbelievable, and we will be sending out an email tomorrow with our latest offer of wines we were able to snatch up. Since we have always realized that people compare prices on wine, we strive to keep our prices among the lowest in the country. We recognize that pristine, current release Bordeaux is a commodity, but service and integrity are not. So we aim to give you a really low price on the commodity, and a really high value with our service and professionalism. Since we’re always in the cellar, we don’t have as many friends as we’d like. We’re looking forward to meeting yours.

Matt Tornabene


Manhattan Wine Company

P: 973-574-8701


Manhattan Wine Company | 610 River Road | Clifton, NJ 07014

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