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Stolpman Vineyards

"La Cuadrilla"

Santa Ynez Valley, California


Sale Price: $22

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Free Wine Tasting!

Come and help us welcome

Peter Stolpman from Stolpman Vineyards

Friday, March 1st, 2013

5:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Come See What’s Below the Surface

Stolpman Peter 2 Princeton Wine Event

I hope you can make it to the Corkscrew Friday night to help us welcome Peter Stolpman from Stolpman Vineyards. I always feel that the very best way to get a sense of the incredibly unique nature of the Stolpman wines is to taste them all together. It is in this context that you can really get a feel for the freshness, the aromatic complexity, the serious lift of all Pete Stolpman’s wines. The reasons are simple; their vines are planted on limestone, they farm organically, they pick by hand and most importantly, they do not water the vines (dry farming). Pete, now running the estate with his father, says dry farming is the most important factor in bringing the limestone front and center. By not irrigating the vines, almost unheard of in California but mandatory in most of Europe’s great appellations, Stolpman stresses the vine in its search for water. Roots burrow deeply here, eventually tapping the ground water far below the surface; ground water that is utterly affected by the surrounding limestone. The vines don’t yield much, but what is harvested are tiny berries. This fruit is absolutely packed with intense aromatics and ripe flavors but has an incredibly low pH, allowing for fresh, dynamic wine that has very few equals in California.

For "The Crew"

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But there is another great story to Stolpman. The wine, La Cuadrilla, is much more than a stylish, elegant blend of Grenache, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Viognier. Each year, the Stolpmans and vineyard manager, Rueben Solorzano, assign one block of vineyard to the full-time farm workers at the estate. Staying within the general principles of the Stolpman farming philosophy, La Cuadrilla or “the crew” make all the farming decisions, from pruning to harvest. In return, the Stolpmans give 100% of the profits back to the workers. Pete says it’s the best motivational tool they could have ever implemented; this piece of ownership breeds loyalty and immense pride in their work. It also fosters great innovation in the vineyard, leading to farming changes the Stolpmans have instilled across their entire estate. It’s a win-win, for sure. In a world where Asian importers bu y out American critics (i.e. Robert Parker sold Wine Advocate), big banks own vineyards in Bordeaux, and it’s now possible to invest in mutual funds that invest in commodity wines, it’s a relief that some part of the wine world is still about the land and the people who work it…

Stolpman La Cuadrilla

Stolpman La Cuadrilla Princeton Wine Event

Back to the wine though! La Cuadrilla is wonderfully aromatic, loaded with garrigue-scented dark red berries. The mid-palate is lush, with super fruit, and the finish is long, with very fine tannins. It’s a great choice for anything off the grill, from burgers to slow-cooked BBQ pork shoulder. Fresh and elegant, this is an easy wine to drink, one of the food-friendliest American wines that has crossed my table in a long time. The perfect wine to bring to your next dinner party– armed with this huge crowd favorite, you’ll likely be the most popular guest at the party.

Pour out your support for the farming families of La Cuadrilla and enjoy this delicious California blend. For this week only (2/25/13 – 3/4/13) or as long as the wine is around, it is only $22 per bottle. No deeper discounts apply. We only have a very limited quantity, and this wine isn’t anywhere on our racks– it’s only available to our Corkscrew email customers. We hope you enjoy it!

Eat Well, Drink Well,

Princeton Corkscrew Wine Shop

*The La Cuadrilla will not be one of the featured wines at the tasting this Friday because we have such a limited quantity of the wine available.

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The Corkscrew Promise

All of the wine at the Corkscrew Wine Shop has been shipped from the winery and stored, temperature-controlled, at 58 degrees year-round, to ensure the wine is fresh and vibrant at your table.

Laurent Princeton Wine Event I would like to thank you for being a customer of the Corkscrew Wine Shop. Without you, the traditional winemakers who work hard and respect their land in order to bring us these incredible wines would not be able to survive and thrive in the modern wine-making industry. I thank you for supporting us, and in turn supporting them.

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