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Remy Martin Louis XIII Tasting


IMG 5062 thumb Remy Martin Louis XIII Tasting                                IMG 5061 thumb Remy Martin Louis XIII Tasting    


                                IMG 5063 thumb Remy Martin Louis XIII Tasting


Louis XIII is enjoyed over centuries.  150 years went by between the foundation of the House of Remy Martin in 1724 and the birth of Louis X111.  From 1821, Remy Martin III blended the first reserves old old eaux-de-vie to prepare for the future.  Louis XIII was created in 1874.  Results of four generations of Cellar Masters, Louis XIII is a unique blend of 1,200 eaux-de-vie, all from Grande Champagne and aged in tiercons, century-old casks made from Limousin oak.  It’s iconic decanter is a replica of a metal flask on the battlefield of Jarnac.  Louis XIII is the King of Cognacs.

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