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Some Recommendations For Your Wine Pleasures

When storing your wine at home it is recommended that you store it horizontally.  With horizontal storage , the cork stays moist by its contact with the wine and any other sediment that develops will sit at the bottom.  If you store your wine upright, the cork can dry out or shrink.  Storing you bottles horizontally is a good way to keep your cellar organized. 

Some reasons that one should buy a wine cellar to store their wines is heat.  Heat is the biggest threat to your wine’s taste, longevity, and value.  Temperature variations can hurt wine, the perfect range of 50-57 degrees is best, this range will prevent the wines from overheating or chilling.  Having a dark cellar is necessary, UV rays can easily damage wine by penetrating the glass.  Having a cellar with low humidity will help keep corks from crumbling.  Stillness is essential in allowing wines to age well and continue to drink beautifully, excessive vibration can generate unneeded heat that causes corks to shift.

One common misconceptions about storing wine, reds are stored at one temperature and whites are stored at another. Both can be stored at the same temperature, only the serving temperature are different, where whites are generally served colder than room temperature reds.  

Storing wine in your regular refrigerator may be ok for short term purposes but not for long term. A regular refrigerator does not have humidity control and food odors can affect wine that are stored there due to the odors seeping into the cork and thus the wine and generally the temperature in a regular refrigerator is too cold. In any wine storage unit it is important to have proper ventilation space for the unit.     

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