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Bogle Vineyards-Petite Sirah Port-Clarksburg, California-2006-$15.99-I love a port’s nose,

wakes you up with its vibrant boldness.  The label says unusual depth and complexity reveal a

concentration of raspberries and chocolate favors, which are exactly what it tastes like. A late night

after dinner drink, or pour it on ice cream. An open bottle in the frig can last a month if properly

sealed.  NR  CR-4  Great with desert, ice cream, cigar.

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Truth Wines-Truth-Lindsey’s Cuvee-Santa Rose-California-2005-$15.00-Very interesting label

trying to think of the positives, the description in the wine store sounded better than the wine was,

the nose was ok, the favor was hard to describe but the finish was not great, dry, so in TRUTH the

wine was not great.   WS-78  CR-2.5-3  Good with something strong to kill the aftertaste of

this wine.

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