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West Coast Wine Event


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Wine 2.0 is Offering You a Special
Discount on Tickets to All the Festivities!

Wine 2.0 and Pinot Days have partnered to offer our mailing list members a 10% discount on all of the festival’s spectacular events. Just enter the discount code WINE2PTSC11 when ordering tickets from the Pinot Days web site and you will receive an immediate 10% discount on all events. This year’s Pinot Days Grand Festival is Saturday, January 15th from 2-6pm at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.

To view the details of this year’s events, click HERE.

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Photo Courtesy of: Huge Galdones

It is difficult to find a better time for the price; $60 covers entry to the event and a complimentary Burgundy-style glass you can take home. So please mark your calendars and please, forward this to your friends who might not know what they are missing; this will be our best event to date. There is no other wine industry niche that has as strong a community as ours – our pinot producers are accessible and actually desire to chum around with you, and our consumers (you) are passionate, looking beyond simply tasting the wines to the compelling stories behind each of them. And finally we have a grape, a noble grape, that is versatile, finicky, fascinating and, most importantly, absolutely delicious, more so with each vintage.

WHY NOT MAKE A WEEKEND OF IT? We all know how amazing the experience of our Grand Festival is for those who love Pinot Noir.

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Photo Courtesy of: Huge Galdones

If you enjoy the Grand Festival, why not make a weekend of it? Please also consider attending one of our other events – the Winemaker Dinner at Wine House, special pinot pairing at West Restaurant at the Angeleno, our wine shop tastings at Wine Gallery, K&L and Wine House, or our VIP Regional Tour on the day of the Grand Festival. We think that these events are not only unique, but they embody the essence of what makes the pinot noir industry so captivating.

So – !  Please check all of our events during the week of festivities preceding Saturday’s Grand Festival and join us for a truly unique experience in the world of wine. Click HERE to see all the Pinot Days events.

Lisa Rigisich
Pinot Days
(415) 246-2967

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