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IMG 2267 thumb CORKSCREWS TOP SHIRAZ’S OF 2009                 IMG 2266 thumb CORKSCREWS TOP SHIRAZ’S OF 2009                IMG 2259 thumb CORKSCREWS TOP SHIRAZ’S OF 2009


R Wines-Chris Ringland-Ebenezer-Shiraz-Barossa Valley-Australia-2006-$14.99-A nose of dark fruit and smoke, purple and black in color.  A smooth, big wine, with blackberry, blueberry, licorice, allot of depth for this price point.   R Wines is a recently formed wine company that makes some great wines most with interesting labels, Chris Ringland is the winemaker.             RP-93          CR-4-4.5 Good with chicken, pasta, ribs.

Southern Flinders Rangers Estate Pty Ltd-Flinders Run-Shiraz-Australia-2006-$15.99-A big nose of roasted meats, very interesting.  Very dark almost purple in color.  Smooth, spicy,blueberry, chocolate, creamy, a very enjoyable different Shiraz.         RP-92        WS-91        CR-4.5             Good with meats, pasta, chicken.

Mollydooker Wines-The Boxer-Shiraz-Sarah and Sparky Marquis-McLaren Vale-South Australia-2006-$24.99-A big fruit bomb nose of dark and spicy fruit, very dark purple color.  A smooth, big wine, blueberry and blackberry, spice, earth.  Mollydooker makes some great wines, The Boxer has been great since it first came out in 2005.            RP-94        WS-90        CR-4.5-5 Good with meats, pasta and chicken.

Cimicky & Son Winemakers-Cimicky-Trumps-Shiraz-Barossa Valley-Australia-2007-$15.99-A good nose of spicy fruit, very dark in color.  Black cherry, raspberries, plum, white pepper flavors, a enjoyable Shiraz.   Cool label.          WS-90       CR-4       Good with burgers, chicken, pasta.

Tait Wines-The Ball Buster-Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot-Barossa Valley-Australia-2004-$18.00-A big nose of dark spicy fruit, purple, black in color.  Big but smooth, blackberry, cassis, spicy oak, a very good wine.          RP-93       CR-4.5       Good with steak, ribs, chicken, pasta.

Rocland Estate-Chocolate Box-Dark Chocolate-Shiraz-Barossa Valley-Australia-2007-$14.99-An interesting nose of dark fruit and chocolate.  Very dark in color.  Blackberry, chocolate and brown sugar on the back end. A bit different from some of the other Australian Shiraz fruit bombs.           WS-86        WE-90       CR-4       Good with pasta, meats, chicken.

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