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Yates Family Vineyard Earthquake Update


header Yates Family Vineyard Earthquake Update

Hello Family and Friends,

Thank you for all your notes and phone calls after the earthquake that shocked Napa Valley early Sunday morning. We are all doing good, just working on the clean up and assessing the damage. Don’t you worry, it didn’t shake enough to lose any berries off the vines, 2014 vintage is still growing well! Unfortunately, our barrel storage facility did take a hard hit, below is picture of Assistant Winemaker Whitney Yates standing in front of our barrels on Sunday. We are all thankful that the earthquake hit during the early morning, so no one was hurt. We are still assessing the final outcome but feel fortunate that this is the worst of the damage.

image Yates Family Vineyard Earthquake Update

Thanks Again for All Your Support!!


Mike, Lynn, Whitney, and Mary

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