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Accidification-Acid is often added during the winemaking process, especially in hot climates where grapes tend towards over ripeness. 

Carbonic Maceration-A fermentation technique designed to extract fruit rather than tannins from the grapes, generally used to make wine that are bottles early and intended to give immediate pleasure.

Chaptalization-The addition of sugar during the fermentation process to increase a wine’s alcoholic strength.

Cru-A French word meaning “growth”, when applied to wine, this normally refers to a system of classifying vineyards either by geography or by reputation established over decades or even centuries of production.

Fermentation-The conversion of grape juice into wine through the action of yeast present in the juice, which through its enzymes transform the grapes’ sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Filtration-A method of clarifying and stabilizing wine, by passing it through a filter, to give it a bright, clear appearance  and to remove yeast, bacteria, or other solid matter that might otherwise cause the wine to spoil after it has been bottles.

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